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McMinnville Classic recognizes top wines

SUMMER  2020

Ellen Landis features the 2020 Wine Competition in Wine Press Northwest

View Here ».

Fun wine event this weekend…and it’s still on!

March 11,  2020

Pat the Wine Guy discusses the 2020 Festival

“We’re in uncharted territory.  As we collectively take measures to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the status of every public event is fluid.”

View Here ».

Mac Classic — Sip Set to Take Flight in March February 2020

Oregon Wine Press features the 2020 Festival. View Here ».

The Most Delicious Things to Do in Portland February 2020

Portland Mercury mentions the 2020 Festival. View Here ».

Taste of the Seacoast February 2020

Joan Actis-Grande covers the 2020 Wine Competition. View Here ».

Write for Wine February 2020

Margot notes “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere!” View Here ».

Visit McMinnville February 2020

Dan Shryock invites visitors to “Take a Sip.” View Here ».

Spirited Magazine February 2020

Spirited covers the 2020 event. View Here ».

Wine Industry Advisor February 2020

Wine Industry Advisor covers the 2020 event. View Here ».

Eric Degerman,  Great Northwest Wine February 2020

Eric features the 2020 Wine Competition. View Here ».

Fred Swan, NorCal Wine January 2020

Fred covers the 2020 Wine Competition. View Here ».

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Starla Pointer, News Register March 2019

Starla covers the 2019 event updates. View Here ».

Barb Randall,  Lake Oswego News March 2019

Barb features the 2019 event. View Here ».

Oregon Wine Press March 2019

OWP publishes the 2019 Press Release in the March print and online issues, and includes a sidebar with event info. View Here ».

Michael Alberty, The Oregonian March 2019

March events feature online and in print. View Here ».

Rusty Gaffney (PinotFile) February 2019

Includes the Event in “Pinot Briefs.” View Here ».

Erin James (Sip Northwest Magazine) January 2019

Erin attends the wine competition and provides a behind the scenes look. View Here ».

Lyn Archer (LM Archer) January 2019

Lyn shares her observations on the wine competition and points to the Sip NW Magazine expose article View Here ».

Rusty Gaffney (PinotFile) January 2019

Rusty includes the Mac Gala winemaker’s dinner in his
newsletter.  View Here ».

Lyn Archer (LM Archer) January 2019

Lyn promotes the Wine Competition After Party and main event. View Here ».

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Sip Northwest Magazine February 2018

Sip Northwest Magazine publishes the event in their February print and online edition magazines View Here ».

Eric Degerman (Great Northwest Wine) February 2018

Eric publishes the 2018 calendar listing View Here » and advance article View Here ».

Rusty Gaffney aka Prince of Pinot February 2018

Rusty writes Pinot Noir reviews and News. He publishes the 25th annual 2018 event on his eponymous website View Here ».

Julia Crowley (The Real Wine Julia) January 2018

Julia picks up the story and break the 2018 medal winners news: View Here ».

Sara Heinrichs (LUX Photo Essays) January 2018

Sara profiles the 1/20 wine competition with photos, a short video and copy from Julia Crowley. View Here ».

Oregon Wine Press January 2018

Online publication of the official press release. Sip event was also featured in February print edition, p.10. View Here ».

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Travel Yamhill Valley March 2017

Travel Yamhill Valley does a beautiful write-up about the 24th Annual SIP! Classic Event. View Here »

Oregon Wine Press March 2017

Jim Gullo reviews the 24th Annual SIP! Classic Event for Oregon Wine Press print and digital editions. View Here »

TastingPour, February 2017

Jade Helm judges the competition and reviews the event on her blog. View Here »

Winerable, February 2017

Michele Francisco, local blogger, posts the press release on her wine-themed website. View Here»

Easter/Eventwine, January 2017

Mattie Bamman runs the event for 6 weeks prior every week until the event. View Here»

Pamplin Media, January 2017

Barb Randalllists the event on the Lake Oswego Review website. View Here»

The Columbia News, Vancouver, January 2017

Posts a review and details of the 24th Annual Sip! McMinnville Wine & Food Classic Event. View Here»

Sip Northwest Magazine, January 2017

Includes the SIP! Classic in their online events section and in the Winter 2017 print publication “Happenings” section. View Here»

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Wine Press Northwest, Winter 2016

Lists the 24th annual even on March 2017 on p.64

Merlot Mommy, December 2016

Jana Seitzer reviews and promotes the event on her website and uses her social media event to reach new followers. View Here»

Great Northwest Wine Magazine, December 2016

Eric does a nice job with the history of the event and a nice story angle or two. The article appears on the website events calendar and was included in the 12/31 newsletter. Photos and details are included. View Here»

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